Toyota Camry Named Top “American-Made” Automobile

July 7th, 2015 by

2015 Toyota Camry

Here is one thing that no one knew about the Toyota Camry!

According to, the Camry was named the most American-made automobile around. crunched some data together to find out which vehicles are the most American-Made of them all. The website looked at how much content is put into each vehicle from which country. This takes into consideration where the vehicle is assembled, where the parts are sourced from which country and the location of the actual labor in order to build these parts and assemblies. disqualified any vehicle below 75% American-made content.

Through extensive research, they came back with a result. In the case of the Camry, it is assembled in the Georgetown, Kentucky plant. All engines and transmissions for the Camry are built in-house at the same plant. Toyota uses suppliers across the United States, from tires to electronics to fluids, to feed into the plant to assemble each Camry. This generation of Camry was also designed and engineered in America at Toyota’s facilities in California and Michigan.

This game plan is true for the second most American-built vehicle, according to – the Toyota Sienna minivan. The Sienna is assembled in Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana plant and uses the same engines, transmissions, suppliers, design and engineering teams as the Camry.

Congratulations to the Toyota Camry and Sienna – they are truly as American as apple pie!

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