Why Buy Online Through Drive Motors?

Why buy online through Drive Motors? Here at Haley Toyota of Roanoke, we want to make the entire car buying process as efficient and painless as possible. With Drive Motors you will have the convenience to explore vehicles, financing options, and lease plans. When you are ready to buy, do so online or set up a test drive and then finish up at the dealership or we’ll provide delivery to your home or office.

So what are the benefits of using Drive Buy Online? Drive has several benefits to you as the customer! Simply pick a car you like, and Drive lets you configure options; like set up a financing plan and pay the dealer. From there the only thing left for you to do is pick up your new car; that’s it!


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  • What about financing, rates, and terms?
    • Once you select a credit-score range, you will immediately be shown your payment, rate, and term. Drive will help you find your lowest rate automatically.
  • How does the trade-in work?
    • In order to value your current vehicle, we use an independent third-party. You will enter your vehicle’s information and select a condition. Once completed, you will be shown an actual cash value of your trade-in, that can then apply to your new vehicle purchase or lease.
  • Am I required to give a deposit or make a down payment?
    • No, you are able to make the arrangement for your purchase or lease without any money.
  • When can I test drive the vehicle?
    • You can choose to have the test drive be the first step in your delivery process, or you can have your vehicle brought to you for a test drive in advance. The purchase is always subject to your approval of both the vehicle and the transaction details.
Are you ready to buy your next vehicle online, browse our new vehicle inventory online today and see how easy the car buying process can be through Drive Motors’ Buy Online!