Coming Soon: The 2016 Toyota Prius

September 11th, 2015 by

2016 Toyota Prius

There is a new Prius coming!

On September 8th, Toyota unveiled the fourth generation Prius top the world at a private event in Las Vegas. Using the theme “Beyond Possible,” Toyota believes that the upcoming Prius will continue to shatter perceptions of what the automobile is all about, as it has since its debut in 2001.

The highlights from the launch event were as follows:

– The most striking and boldest exterior ever designed by Toyota for high volume production. It is wider and lower than ever before.
– A brand New Global Architecture that will underpin many of the world’s most popular vehicles – the Prius being the first to use this new platform.
– A smarter, friendlier interior that will continue to seat up to five and provide optimal cargo room from its large hatchback area. Plus, the extensive use of premium materials throughout the interior.
– More active safety features will be offered than before on the upcoming Prius – some equipment already seen on more expensive Toyota models.
– The fourth-generation Prius is promising better road manners than before, including double-wishbone suspension in the rear, lighter weight and smaller materials in the Hybrid Synergy Drive system and throughout the chassis.
– The new Prius is projected to achieve 10% better fuel economy with a potential of 55mpg/

Haley Toyota of Roanoke will providing further details and more coverage of this groundbreaking new vehicle in the next several months through launch. If you are a Prius owner, a fan or just interested in this upcoming new generation of the original hybrid automobile, contact us. We will definitely keep you in the loop.


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