Official: Scion xB to be Discontinued

October 13th, 2015 by

Scion xB

“The Toaster” is no more.

The Scion xB was the focal point of the brand when it arrived at select Toyota showrooms in 2004. It provided owners of all ages a small vehicle that offered maximum comfort and cargo space. It was one of the first vehicles to catch the eye of a new generation of automotive enthusiasts using the xB as a canvas for customization. Over the years, the xB had been used as taxis, delivery vehicles, business vehicles, limousines, tuner specials and with some participating in motorsports.

Through two generations, several revisions and hundreds of thousands of happy owners, the vehicle affectionately called “The Toaster” is now history.

It began as a small Japanese domestic market vehicle called the bB. Toyota brought it over as one of two vehicles sold under the then-new Scion brand. It had a spunky 108 horsepower 1.5 liter engine that was available either with a five-speed manual or an automatic transmission. Back then, Scion dealers were able to sell xBs with TRD engine and suspension modifications, along with a choice of wheel covers and full rims. Aftermarket suppliers provided even more modifications and further enhancements to the xB to individualize them. They were shown at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show every November in Las Vegas as a way for the inexpensive “Toaster” to show off its many creative ideas to customize the xB.
Scion xB

Along the way, Scion introduced a Release Series for every year this model sold. Each one was an expression of the essence of the xB providing a more customized feel in each Release Series version.

At the 2007 Chicago Auto Show, the second generation xB was shown. It grew in size in every dimension. It also grew in power, with a 2.4 liter engine putting out 158 horsepower – almost a 50% power increase. The formula was the same as the last version: “toaster” design, space for up to five people and expandable cargo room.

Both xB generations were safe vehicle, with Top Safety Pick awards from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety for the second generation model alone for six years straight. They also sold nicely, with over 61,000 delivered during 2006.

All good things must come to an end. The xB is no more. It served us well.

However, Scion is still here! With four great vehicles available for 2016,the xB’s spirit lives on in each and every one.The xB’s great value is easily found in the new iA sedan. You can expand the space in the back of the new iM hatchback. There is still sportiness to be found in the tC and the FR-S.

Though it is gone, the xB lives on here at Haley Toyota-Scion. There might be one on our lot to take home today.

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