Official Ride of the Rail Yard Dawgs

January 17th, 2019 by

Haley Toyota of Roanoke is the Proud Partner of the Rail Yard Dawgs! We have worked with the Dawgs to create a very exciting experience for their fans and our customers! Rail Yard Dawgs season ticket holders are given special Haley Toyota discounts each month! Stop by a game and see our Rail Yard Dawg Tundra that was created as a special addition for the Dawgs! Each month videos are released of one of the Dawgs riding in a Haley Toyota vehicle throughout Roanoke Va!

“We at Haley Toyota are really excited to team up with the Rail Yard Dawgs and look forward to being part of the most exciting show in Roanoke,” said Haley Toyota General Manager Chuck Baker. “For the last few years, it is obvious that the ownership of the Dawgs and Mickey Gray are determined to bring winning hockey to the fans of Roanoke and the surrounding areas. There is definitely a buzz about our local hockey team and we wanted to be part of that.”

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