Rail Yard Dawgs

Haley Toyota Named “The Official Ride of the Rail Yard Dawgs”

“We at Haley Toyota are really excited to team up with the Rail Yard Dawgs and look forward to being part of the most exciting show in Roanoke,” said Haley Toyota General Manager Chuck Baker. “For the last few years, it is obvious that the ownership of the Dawgs and Mickey Gray are determined to bring winning hockey to the fans of Roanoke and the surrounding areas. There is definitely a buzz about our local hockey team and we wanted to be part of that.”

As a part of the partnership, Haley Toyota is the official sponsor of Opening Night against the Knoxville Ice Bears on October 20, kicking off the third season of Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs hockey. Baker expressed enthusiasm and excitement as he said, “All of us at Haley Toyota, just like the Dawgs, are committed to bringing a quality product to customers. We can’t wait for Opening Night and hope to see a packed civic center to cheer the Dawgs to victory! And remember,  Haley has it for less!”

Haley also will be a part of a new online video series, “Driving with the Dawgs” with the Voice of the Rail Yard Dawgs, Brian Gardner. Throughout the season, Gardner will welcome members of the team into a Haley Toyota vehicle for a drive around the Roanoke Valley and free-wheeling interviews designed to showcase the personalities of the men who make up your hometown team.

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